¡Estamos terminando de preparar una temporada 2024 apasionante!


En breve estarán todos los productos disponibles para la compra..

  • You can buy the advance ticket online up to the day before the visit. When purchasing the ticket in advance, access to the park will be done through the express boxes at the ticket office.
  • Making a modification to the reservation will always be associated with an expense of 3€, for management expenses. The date modification will be subject to the payment of the difference, if any, between the purchased ticket and the rate of the date chosen for the change, during this 2022 season.
  • The cancellation of the reservation will always be associated with an expense of 5€, for management expenses.
  • The ticket will be valid for the selected date or any other day of the season, according to the opening calendars, ticket conditions and available capacity.
  • If you cannot attend the visit on the day you have the tickets for reasons related to Covid, contact us by mail, phone or WhatsApp and we will manage the change of date of the tickets.
  • 100% Secure Payment, we use the latest technology to ensure that all transactions carried out on this website are totally secure.
  • You can find out about the Park hours on the specific page and prepare the visit in advance by downloading the App. The schedules may be modified for technical or operational reasons.